HomeFree’s mission is to change lives. In this section, you’ll find resources to help you start living a better life no matter your budget. Everyone can benefit from these tools, even if you can’t afford to spend a penny.


  • Roadmap Guide: The Beginning, Middle, & End of Recovery

    Roadmap Guide: The Beginning, Middle, & End of RecoveryWhen we aren’t sure how far we’ve progressed in our recovery, these few basic concepts show us how to assess where we are and where we're going. By focusing on one simple concept, we can instantly connect with anyone, anywhere, anytime, and move beyond Recovery World to the Real World. If we don’t know what to work on in our recovery, if we’re at a standstill, or lost, or in despair, we can always work on Self Care. If we do nothing else, we’ll make incredible progress toward healing from our experience. In the end, we’ll be working on the same issues everybody else is working on, so we won’t be living on Planet Recovery for the rest of our lives.

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  • How Cults & Child Abusers Use Mind Control to Get What They Want

    How Cults & Child Abusers Use Mind Control to Get What They WantAll abusive and controlling relationships use the same mind control techniques. From political parties that manipulate millions of people, all the way down to individual one-on-one relationships, the same methods apply. Pedophiles use these same techniques to groom their victims to make them susceptible to abuse. Hardened pedophiles can do this in their first conversation with their child target. Once we understand what our abusers and controllers did to make us comply and to break down our resistance, we can deconstruct those damaging messages and take back our lives into our own hands.

  • The Ultimate Guide to Reclaiming Pleasure in Your Life

    The Ultimate Guide to Reclaiming Pleasure in Your LifeChild abuse and cults teach us that pleasure is bad, dangerous, and repulsive. Some religions enforce this by promising salvation and oneness with God if we turn away from human pleasure. Some even teach that being human and anything that might lead to pleasure is bad. They teach us to punish ourselves for even being capable of pleasure. This guide changes all that. Pleasure is the crossover point between surviving and thriving. This simple system shows us how to dump all those notions and embrace pleasure as the foundation of what life is all about.

  • Intervention: How To Get Anyone Out of a Cult or Abusive Relationship

    Intervention: How To Get Anyone Out of a Cult or Abusive RelationshipWe all know a friend or loved one trapped in a controlling or abusive relationship. Those of us who got out of cults left family and loved ones behind. We still wish we could say or do something to get them out. The HomeFree Intervention Guide gives you the tools, scripts, and mental tricks to deactivate their internal blockages and show them the truth of their situation. This method strengthens and empowers the autonomy they've lost so they leave the controlling situation stronger, healthier, and prepared to join the outside world.

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